Nestled in the rolling foothills and lush forests of Southern Illinois is Cobden, the town where Jeff Engbring now calls home. His life has been an interesting and ongoing exploration of human creativity, the results of which have manifested themselves in the form of sculpture; wood and steel creations that bring to life all they are intended to be in the most visceral and thrilling way.

Brought up in a military family and one of 11 children, Jeff traveled the world in his youth. After spending time in Madrid, Spain, Jeff and his family returned to the United States where he lived in Maine, South Dakota, Mississippi, Wisconsin and eventually Illinois. He was always drawn to wildlife and that ultimately became the focal point of his sculptures, however, one cannot accurately classify them as “wildlife art”. They are far more contemporary than that title would suggest. Many of Jeff’s works combine both wood and steel, creating a new and unique aesthetic, both romantic and primal. The marriage of these two materials has also created new possibilities that are unattainable individually, and each new piece Jeff creates stretches the elemental boundaries slightly farther than the last. It is a medium that has Jeff doing something that is rarely seen in the art world: creating something truly new.

It is a focus and vision that translates into every aspect of his life, including his home in Cobden. What was a small, one-story, ranch home when he and his wife built it as newlyweds years ago, is now an eye-popping, three-story Victorian style home with beautiful stone walls outlining the drive. And of course, a large workshop/studio.